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About Blendesechzehn

My name is Tobias Schneider. I'm a mainly self taught hobbyist photographer from Germany and "Blende Sechzehn" is my little creative home on the web. Thank you for visiting!

About Me

Welp, not much to say here. Not as young as I used to be, lots of ups and downs, and too many moves. Photography has been a longtime hobby but none that I ever took seriously until a few years ago.

Oh, and usually being the odd man out, I'm a proud Pentaxian.

Image Rights? Licensing? WTF?

Sadly, it's a topic that can't really be avoided these days. To cut a long story short: All images on blendesechzehn.de are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Meaning you can share them, post them, etc, as long as you credit me as the original artist, but you are not allowed to make any changes or edits (including any Instagram filters et al.) to any of my pictures without my written permission. 

Commercial use of any pictures on blendesechzehn.de is expressly forbidden unless you receive my written approval before use (if you're interested, just ask, I don't bite).

Why "Blende Sechzehn"? What does that even mean?

First of all, have you noticed how hard it is to find a decent domain name for your homepage that hasn't been grabbed already? And I really didn't want to go the route of cheap puns usually used to name hair salons like "Un-ART", "Dark-Light" or whatever. "Blende Sechzehn" has a double meaning connected to the technical photographic term of aperture. Simply said, "Blende Sechzehn" is German for f/16. You can read more about aperture on Wikipedia, but simply put, aperture (or Blende) describes the size of the opening in a cameras lens letting in light. The higher the f-stop number, the smaller the opening (yeah, I know it's confusing) and f/16 is pretty small. So why would you want less light to enter your camera? In a nutshell, due to the way light behaves, a smaller aperture allows you to put a wider range of objects into focus (again, Wikipedia explains this better than I do). And thus the double meaning of "Blende Sechzehn": Less light means darker images, and I like it dark and moody. At the same time, it stands for "more in focus".

The sad truth is, I really wanted the domain name blendeacht.de (f/8) but that one was already in use :-/